Message from the Management Board

Vantage Music Academy was founded by a group of enthusiastic active performing artists who are also dedicated teaching artists wishing to pass on the virtues of performing arts to the next generation.

In association with Young Musicians Series (founded in 2009), we organise solo and chamber ensemble performances, themed concerts and concerts with set pieces to enrich the diversity of the performing repertory of our young musicians. Prior to the performances, they all receive valuable advice and coaching from a group of professional musicians.

Creating harmony, building up confidence and enhancing self-esteem of the Young Musicians are our ultimate goal. Apart from having fun and making friends through music and getting a taste of how things work in a professional music world, our Young Musicians’ passion on performing have been nurtured over the years through the courses we offer in this Academy.

We made no assumptions on our Young Musicians’ plans for higher education and beyond. Most of them continue to pursue their studies in leading high schools and universities worldwide across a variety of subjects.


Franz Liszt: the Demonic and the Angelic: Concert

Our Young Musicians! We are more than grateful to have this concert delivered beautifully just before typhoon 8! You are simply all amazing!Special thanks to our committee working behind the scene under teacher Stephen Hung guidance. You have done a great job!Hope you have all enjoyed concert and look forward to seeing you all in …

YMS 2023 – Franz Liszt: The Demonic and the Angelic (李斯特的魔鬼與天使)

A concert exploring the polar opposites of Liszt’s music with reading of letters to show light on his psychology when writing such disparate music. Programme includes popular showpieces such as the Mephisto Waltz and Paganini Study No.6, and also spiritual pieces such as the Legend of St Francis and Les Jeux d’eaux à la Villa …